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I did have one thing to visualize out. I unravel an UnRaid Server, and I take Sonarr, Radarr and Emby dockers. For more or less reason out Sonarr and Radarr wouldn’t work on, sol I stopped up the pfblockerng services and information technology silence wouldn’t work. I rebooted the dockers and nonentity. Then I looked in Radarrs log file, (which I clearly black girl deep anal fuck should have translate good, because it was only one line, the first time.) It said something along the lines that the api was being blocked check my adblocker….I had forgotten that I added uBlock, and one time I disabled information technology for Sonarr and Radarr, it worked. So I reenabled the services restarted the dockers and it still worked soh I’m thinking, I am OK nowadays. Any thoughts, on how I could have handled that differently, any more tips for Associate in Nursing ‘Ole Marine. lol

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