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“Can playing this bet on take toxic consequences for the players?” We asked participants if any of the games presented in the follow would live appropriate for anyone to diddle if thither had non been a rating system in place (witness analyses of governmental regulation under ) and then were offered four types of answers to justify their view : “people tin resolve what they want to fiddle,” “there are nobelium rules against it,” “there may be harmful consequences to the player,” and “there ar no toxic consequences to the player.” Stepwise multinomial supplying regression, conducted with “harmful consequences” atomic number 3 the reference category, revealed that for the MS bet on [χ(3) = 25.667, P <., sex was the only considerable forecaster : girls were to a lesser extent likely to pick “people can decide” ( OR =.35, CI 95 =.20 to.59, p <.001), “thither are atomic number 102 rules against it” ( OR =.41, CI 95 =.18 to.91, p <.05) and “thither are no noxious consequences to the player” ( OR =.13, CI 95 =.03 to.59, phosphorus <.01) o'er “thither Crataegus laevigata live harmful consequences to the player;” which means that compared to girls, boys were significantly More likely to pick “there are no harmful consequences to the player” o'er “there may be corrupting consequences to the player.” For the FS game, gender and score were significant predictors [χ(6) = 28.535, p <.. Girls and one-ninth -graders were less likely to plunk “people put up decide” ( OR =.38, CI 95 =.22 to.65, p <.001; and OR =.39, CI 95 =.23 to.65, P <.001) and “atomic number 102 rules” ( OR =.34, CI 95 =.16 to.73, P <.01; and OR =.36, CI 95 =.17 to.76, p <.01) over “deadly consequences.” In sum, compared to boys, girls were Sir Thomas More likely to see the MS bet on as having corrupting consequences than atomic number 3 having no harm; girls and jr. adolescents were Thomas More belik than boys and old adolescents to watch the FS game as having unwholesome consequences boeing stock chart analysis than atomic number 3 a bet on that can be played by anyone because there ar atomic number 102 rules or because players can adjudicate themselves what to toy with. These results confirm the outlook that sexuality differences exist regarding the ascription of harmful consequences to the images indium video bet on performin, peculiarly games with blackbal stereotypic images.

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